Infrastructure Commission Remit

The ICS will work in a way that is:

  • Engaging and widely consultative across all of Scotland and civic society
  • Credible, objective and evidence-based
  • Outward looking, forward thinking and innovative

It will pay attention to strategic drivers such as:

  • Securing Scotland’s international competitiveness
  • The markets and connections Scotland requires for goods, services and people
  • How to prioritise investment to deliver inclusive economic growth and low carbon objectives
  • Demographic and other social change factors
  • Place-making
  • Technological change and innovation
  • Considerations around development, ownership and financing of infrastructure, including Fair Work




The ICS’s overarching objectives include:

  • Delivering sustainable inclusive economic growth across Scotland
  • Managing the transition to a more resource efficient, lower carbon economy
  • Supporting delivery of efficient, high quality, modern public services
  • Increasing industry competitiveness, whilst tackling inequality
  • Enhancing societal living conditions now and in the future
  • Ensuring alignment with the new National Planning Framework